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Eurobooks vstupuje do dvadsiatej sezóny s najlepšími čitateľmi. O tom niet pochýb. Potvrdili to i výsledky, ktoré sme s vami dosiahli v ... >> read more

Welcome to Eurobooks!

We specialise in selling books in foreing languages, mostly in English. Whether you`re looking for a relaxing read, specialised literature, language teaching books, or dictionaries, we have it all!

If you haven`t found what you were looking for, please feel free to fill in our "hľadám knihu" form and we will do our best to find it for you.

New books in original language:

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Foundational Economy

Image - Foundational Economy

Author: The Foundational Economy ...

Availability: 1 piece in stock

Price: 15.55 €

Snow on the Atlantic

Image - Snow on the Atlantic

Author: Carretero, Nacho

Availability: 1 piece in stock

Usual: 18.59 €

Price: 15.80 €

Trust No One

Image - Trust No One

Author: Mosawi, Anthony

Availability: 2-3 weeks

Usual: 11.72 €

Price: 9.38 €

The Only Story

Image - The Only Story

Author: Barnes, Julian

Availability: 1 piece in stock

Usual: 11.72 €

Price: 9.38 €

The Longevity Diet

Image - The Longevity Diet

Author: Longo, Valter

Availability: 2-3 weeks

Price: 30 €

Origin Story

Image - Origin Story

Author: Rôzni Autori (editori)

Availability: 2-3 weeks

Price: 21.99 €


Image - Olga

Author: Schlink, Bernhard

Availability: 2-3 weeks

Usual: 27.40 €

Price: 21.92 €

The Garden Party

Image - The Garden Party

Author: Mansfield, Katherine

Availability: 1 piece in stock

Usual: 8.79 €

Price: 7.03 €

Germanys Hidden Crisis

Image - Germanys Hidden Crisis

Author: Nachtwey, Oliver

Availability: 1 piece in stock

Usual: 23.76 €

Price: 20.20 €

How to Lose a Country

Image - How to Lose a Country

Author: Temelkuran, Ece

Availability: 2-3 weeks

Usual: 19.05 €

Price: 17.72 €

Two Kinds of Truth

Image - Two Kinds of Truth

Author: Connelly, Michael

Availability: 2-3 weeks

Usual: 9.56 €

Price: 7.65 €

The Fates Divide : 2

Image - The Fates Divide : 2

Author: Roth, Veronica

Availability: 2-3 weeks

Usual: 13.93 €

Price: 11.14 €

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