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(You Will Find 1 Manuscript As Bonus Inside This Book!)

Anxiety is a common disorder that affects many people. Treatments... Viac o knihe

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Case Laminate Color Laminated Cover Glued To Boards!

(You Will Find 1 Manuscript As Bonus Inside This Book!)

Anxiety is a common disorder that affects many people. Treatments vary from medication and coping mechanisms to diet and exercise, but what actually works best? Which foods and dietary habits cause anxiety? Which foods treat and reduce anxiety?

This book provides an in-depth look at how the brain and body function under stress, how events and stress impact anxiety and why eating well balanced, whole foods full of nutrients is key to the prevention and treatment of anxiety:

. What foods help treat anxiety while reducing stress?
. How simple is it to change food options and the significant improvements these changes make in your brain's health, cognitive processes, and functions?
. The basic science behind anxiety, stress, the basics of neurotransmitters and how diet can improve chemical balance in the brain.
. How gut health and balancing your body's natural microbiome is essential to your brain's health and the connection.

This book includes practical guides for creating shopping lists, including nutrients, avoiding deficiencies, and creating weekly meal plans to keep you on track to a better way of eating and living.

The complex systems of the brain and body are explained, with their various connections to different vitamins, minerals, and naturally occurring chemicals that we can obtain through our everyday meals as a form of medicine.

Healing the body with proper nutrition also provides other benefits and goals:

. Stronger cognitive ability and improved brain function.
. Prevention of brain-related diseases.
. Improvement of digestion, weight loss and increasing your metabolism.
. Reduced stress, elevation of mood and warding off depression.

Foods that heal are more than healthy: they are delicious, and the options for recipes, including breakfast, soups, bowls, desserts, and smoothies are limitless!

Eating well and keeping healthy doesn't have to be a lifetime of restrictions and limitations. Focusing on nutrients and the numerous foods that contain them opens a new world of opportunity into many new decadent and delicious options for a better way of eating and living. The Anti Anxiety Diet is for everyone and can benefit everyone, whether they experience the symptoms of anxiety, or wish to prevent them through diet. Reading this book, you'll be able to accomplish the following goals for easier living and decision making. Recognizing the benefits of all foods, and why some are more important than others for nutritional value. Exploring the world of fermented foods and their numerous benefits. Grocery shopping for the world's most nutrient-rich foods economically and successfully.

Connecting the various functions of your body and mind with nutrition and exercise: how they work together to improve overall health and well-being. Short-term and long-term goals and how to make them work for a lifetime of anxiety-free living. Whether you are currently looking to improve your brain's health or searching for a better way to eat, this book will give you the tools and guides you need to plan, prepare and begin a new diet and path to a better, healthier future.

Ready to learn more about the "Anti Anxiety Diet" and its amazing benefits? Start reading today!

  • Vydavateľstvo: LIGHTNING SOURCE INC
  • Formát: Hardback
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  • ISBN: 9781801570404

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