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Book: Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology, 4th Edition in English

Image - Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology, 4th Edition
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Title: Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology, 4th Edition

ISBN,EAN: 9780323239257

Author: Solomon, Eldra Pearl

Publisher: Saunders, 2016

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Publisher text


This easy-to-read textbook introduces you to the human body as a living, functioning organism. You'll discover exactly what happens when normal body functions are upset by disease, and see how the body works to restore a state of balance and health. Concrete examples from everyday life help you understand how anatomy and physiology concepts relate to the real world – for example, suntan and sunburn help you understand melanin and pigment cells. Material is presented in 17 self-contained chapters, each exploring a particular aspect of body function. This updated third edition is now easier to use than ever, featuring new, visually-appealing artwork and new Tools for Learning, including easy-to-spot learning objectives and review questions at the end of major sections in each chapter.

New to this edition


    NEW! Audio chapter summaries on Evolve can be downloaded to your MP3 player, providing you with an easy, portable way to reinforce chapter concepts.

    NEW! Completely updated illustration program reinforces content and keeps the text fresh.

    NEW! Thoroughly updated content ensures material is accurate, current, and reflective of the latest research and topics related to anatomy and physiology.

    NEW! Key words with definitions and pronunciations, listed at the beginning of each chapter and in the Glossary, help reinforce your terminology comprehension.

    NEW! Matching vocabulary exercises added to chapter quizzes to help you identify important words and definitions.

    NEW! Answers to in-book questions on Evolve for instructors, instead of in the book, so instructors have the flexibility to provide or not provide answers to chapter quizzes and review questions from the book — and decide whether or not to use them for homework assignments.

Trim Size: 216 X 276 mm

Product Type: Softcover

Weight: 870.00 grams

Pages: 340

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