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DVD: Bridges Of Madison County in English

Image - Bridges Of Madison County
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Title: Bridges Of Madison County


Author: English Books

Publisher: Warner Home Video, 1995

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Publisher text

World-traveling photographer Robert Kincaid and Iowa housewife Fraticesca Johnson aren`t looking to turn their lives upside down. Each is at a point in life where expectations are behind them. Yet four days after meeting, they won`t want to lose the love they`ve found.
Academy Award winners Meryl Streep (earning her 10th Oscar nomination for this performance) and Clint Eastwood (who also produces and directs) bring blazing star-power and powerful conviction to the beloved characters of Robert James Waller`s rhapsodic best-seller of love, choice and consequence. Also right are the small details and large emotions of once-in-a-lifetime love. With luck, a love like that happens to some of us sooner or later. For Robert and Francesca, it was later. And it was glorious.

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