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Book: Multivariate Permutation Tests: With Applications in Biostatistics in English

Image - Multivariate Permutation Tests: With Applications in Biostatistics
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Title: Multivariate Permutation Tests: With Applications in Biostatistics

ISBN,EAN: 9780471496700

Author: Pesarin, Fortunato

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, 2001

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Publisher text

Complex multivariate problems are frequently encountered in many scientific disciplines and it can be very difficult to obtain meaningful results. Permutation and nonparametric combination methods provide flexible solutions to complex problems by reducing the problem down to a set of simpler sub-problems. The author presents a novel but well tested approach using real examples taken from biomedical research. Statistical analyses are performed in a nonparametric setting, so that no assumptions need be made about the underlying distribution and the dependence relations between variables.
* Provides a clear exposition of the use of multivariate permutation testing, with emphasis on the use of nonparametric combination methodology.
* Growing area of research with many practical applications, notably in biostatistics.
* Numerous case studies and examples help to illustrate the theory.
* Provides solutions to multi-aspect problems, to problems with missing data, analysis of factorial designs and repeated measures.
* Explains the analysis of categorical, ordered categorical, binary, continuous, and mixed variables in both an experimental and an observational context.
* NPC-Test(c) software (demo copy), SAS macros, S-Plus code and datasets are available on the Web at
For researchers and practitioners in a number of scientific disciplines, particularly biostatistics, the vast collection of techniques, examples and case studies will be an invaluable resource. Graduate students of applied statistics and nonparametric methods will find the book provides an accessible introduction to multivariate permutation testing.

Notation and Abbreviations.
Discussion of a Simple Testing Problem.
Theory of Permutation Tests for One-Sample Problems.
Examples of Univariate Multi-Sample Problems.
Theory of Permutation Tests for Multi-Sample Problems.
Nonparametric Combination Methodology.
Examples of Nonparametric Combination.
Permutation Analysis in Factorial Designs.
Permutation Testing with Missing Data.
The Behrens--Fisher Permutation Problem.
Permutation Testing for Repeated Measurements.
Further Applications.

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Discussion : Multivariate Permutation Tests: With Applications in Biostatistics

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