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DVD: Von Ryan`s Express in English

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Title: Von Ryan`s Express

ISBN,EAN: 5039036009041

Author: Robson, Mark

Publisher: 20th Century Fox, 2002

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When US pilot Colonel Joseph Ryan (Frank Sinatra) is shot down and placed in a German POW camp, he is more concerned with his own survival than escape. The top-ranking officer in the camp, he is initially reviled by his fellow British and American prisoners, who nickname him 'Von Ryan'. However, Ryan eventually comes to lead them in a daring escape attempt, taking over from the commanding British officer (Trevor Howard) and the escapees face many hazards as they commandeer a train to make their way across Italy, closely followed by the Nazis.

Actor:    Frank Sinatra | Trevor Howard | Raffaella Carra | Brad Dexter | Sergio Fantoni | James Brolin | Adolfo Celi | John Leyton | Edward Mulhare | Wolfgang Preiss
Directed:    Mark Robson
Contributor:    Jerry Goldsmith | Saul David | Wendell Mayes | Jospeh Landon
Region:    Region 2
Sound:     Dolby Digital 2.0
Main Language:    English
Subtitle:     Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish
Release Date:    06/05/2002

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