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Book: The Traitor Queen in English

Image - The Traitor Queen
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Title: The Traitor Queen

ISBN,EAN: 9781841495965

Author: Canavan, Trudi

Publisher: Little, Brown, 2013

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Publisher text


Záverečná časť trilógie Traitor Spy

Other books in series :
The Rogue,
Ambassadors Mission

Events are building to a climax in Sachaka as Lorkin returns from his exile with the Traitor rebels.The Traitor Queen has given Lorkin the huge task of brokering an alliance between his people and the Traitors. Lorkin has also had to become a feared black magician in order to harness the power of an entirely new kind of gemstone magic. This knowledge could transform the Guild of Magicians - or make Lorkin an outcast forever.THE TRAITOR QUEEN is the triumphant conclusion to the Traitor Spy trilogy, which began with THE AMBASSADOR'S MISSION and continued with THE ROGUE.

544 strán

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