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Book: The Anatomy Sketchbook in English

Image - The Anatomy Sketchbook
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Title: The Anatomy Sketchbook

ISBN,EAN: 9781781575055

Author: Ilex Sketchbook

Publisher: Ilex Press, 2018

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Understand the body's framework, grace and utility, and each vital element in this cunningly guided sketchbook. Anatomical mastery was critical to Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci's success. They understood that to draw a figure you must first learn its underlying architecture.

Touching on structural drawing, the skeleton, musculature and modelling, this sketchbook includes 20 pioneering examples of anatomical study alongside helpful directions from celebrated artists, scientists and art historians. Whether drawing hands with Rossetti, a skull with Cezanne or a torso with Giacometti, you will come to understand each element of the body and how they form a whole.Gain the technique and confidence you need to produce accomplished results.

Paperback 128 pages

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