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Book: Darien in English

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Number of ranks: 86

Title: Darien

ISBN,EAN: 9780718186470

Author: Iggulden, C. F.

Publisher: Penguin, 2018

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Publisher text


Twelve Families. One Throne. Empire of Salt Book I

The city of Darien lies at the heart of a dying empire.

Twelve families spoil for a throne soon to be made vacant - by murder or civil war. Into this fevered, hungry city come six strangers:

An orphan and an old swordsman.

A hunter and a pitiless killer.

A young thief and a cynical chancer.

As the sun sinks the city will know no slumber. For long dormant passions have awoken. Fortunes will be won and lost. Lives will be staked and claimed.

And a story long waiting to be told will catch fire in the telling . . .

  • 352 strany

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