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Book: Wine Folly in English

Image - Wine Folly
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Title: Wine Folly

ISBN,EAN: 9780241364994

Author: Rôzni Autori (editori)

Publisher: Michael Joseph, 2018

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Publisher text


Magnum Edition : The Master Guide to the world of wine
autori: Madeline Puckette, Justin Hammack

Want to pick the perfect wine for dinner? Red, white or Rose? Dry or Fruity? Spanish or Portuguese? Become the expert with Wine Folly's Magnum Edition: The Master Guide. It will take your appreciation and understanding of wine to the next level. Wine Folly introduced a whole new audience to the world of wine, making it easy for complete beginners to understand the fundamentals thanks to their straightforward advice, simple explanatory graphics and practical wine-tasting tips.

Now they are back with plenty more eye-catching visuals and easy-to-grasp advice that the brand has become known for. Wine Folly Deluxe comes complete with a fresh look, twice as much information on regions, and a profusion of new and alternative wine styles. With its simple and practical answers to all your wine questions and curiosities - red or white? Light or bold? Spanish or Portuguese? - it's the perfect guide for anyone looking to expand their expertise and an ideal gift for the oenophile in your life.

  • 320 strán, viazané vydanie
  • 196 x 239 x 31 mm

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