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Book: Atlas of Human Anatomy: Latin Terminology, 7th Edition in English

Image - Atlas of Human Anatomy: Latin Terminology, 7th Edition
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Title: Atlas of Human Anatomy: Latin Terminology, 7th Edition

ISBN,EAN: 9780323596770


Publisher: Elsevier, 2018

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The only anatomy atlas illustrated by physicians, Atlas of Human Anatomy, 7th edition, brings you world-renowned, exquisitely clear views of the human body with a clinical perspective. In addition to the famous work of Dr. Frank Netter, you'll also find nearly 100 paintings by Dr.

Carlos A. G. Machado, one of today's foremost medical illustrators.

Together, these two uniquely talented physician-artists highlight the most clinically relevant views of the human body. In addition, more than 50 carefully selected radiologic images help bridge illustrated anatomy to living anatomy as seen in everyday practice. Anatomic labels follow the international standard in Latin.

Region-by-region coverage, including Muscle Table appendices at the end of each section. Large, clear illustrations with comprehensive labels not only of major structures, but also of those with important relationships. Tabular material in separate pages so the printed page stays focused on the illustration.

Updates to the 7th Edition - based on requests from students and practitioners alike: For the first time - a Latin-English edition. Latin nomenclature based on the international anatomic standard, Terminologia Anatomica. New Systems Overview section featuring brand-new, full-body views of surface anatomy, vessels, nerves, and lymphatics.

More than 25 new illustrations by Dr. Machado, including the clinically important fascial columns of the neck, deep veins of the leg, hip bursae, and vasculature of the prostate; and difficult-to-visualize areas like the infratemporal fossa. New Clinical Tables at the end of each regional section that focus on structures with high clinical significance.

These tables provide quick summaries, organized by body system, and indicate where to best view key structures in the illustrated plates. More than 50 new radiologic images - some completely new views and others using newer imaging tools - have been included based on their ability to assist readers in grasping key elements of gross anatomy. Student Consult access includes a pincode to unlock the

Paperback 664 pages

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