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Book: A History of Judaism in English

Image - A History of Judaism
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Title: A History of Judaism

ISBN,EAN: 9780141038216

Author: Goodman, Martin

Publisher: Penguin, 2019

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'An absolute godsend ... Goodman has done both Jews and non-Jews a great service with this book, encapsulating most of Jewish thought over four millennia into one extraordinarily readable volume' Julia Neuberger, Literary ReviewA panoramic history of Judaism from its origins to the presentJudaism is by some distance the oldest of the three Abrahamic religions. Despite the extraordinarily diverse forms it has taken, the Jewish people have believed themselves bound to God by the same covenant for more than three thousand years.

This book explains how Judaism came to be and how it has developed from one age to the next, as well as the ways in which its varieties have related to each other. 'A one-volume tour de force. Goodman meets the substantial challenge of charting the twists and turns, tributaries and backwaters of Judaism's many streams over 2,000 years - and succeeds' Harry Freedman, Jewish Chronicle'Learned and illuminating ...

this magnificently lucid account will become the standard reference for a generation' Dominic Green, Wall Street Journal

Paperback 656 pages

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