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Book: Writers Luck in English

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Title: Writers Luck

ISBN,EAN: 9781784708078

Author: Lodge, David

Publisher: Vintage, 2019

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A Memoir: 1976-1991

A wonderfully candid and insightful account of a writer's life' William BoydLuck, good or bad, plays an important part in a writer's career. In 1976 Lodge was pursuing a `twin-track career' as novelist and academic but the balancing act was increasingly difficult, and he became a full-time writer just before he published his bestselling novel Nice Work. Readers of Lodge's novels will be fascinated by the insights this book gives - not only into his professional career but also more personal experience, such as his growing scepticism of his Catholic religion and the challenges of parenting.

Anyone who is interested in learning about the creative process and about the life of a writer will find Writer's Luck a candid and entertaining guide.

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