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Book: House of Stone in English

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Title: House of Stone

ISBN,EAN: 9781786493187

Author: Tshuma, Novuyo Rosa

Publisher: Atlantic Books, 2019

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Winner of the Edward Stanford Prize for Fiction with a Sense of Place, 2019Longlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize, 2019'Easily the best debut I've read this year, Tshuma's novel is both hilarious and horrifying, filled with compassion, anger and despair. Her unreliable narrator of the kind that deserves to be remembered up there with Humbert Humbert' - Kim Evans, CultureflyBukhosi has gone missing. His father, Abed, and his mother, Agnes, cling to the hope that he has run away, rather than been murdered by government thugs.

Only the lodger seems to have any idea. Zamani has lived in the spare room for years now. Quiet, polite, well-read and well-heeled, he's almost part of the family - but almost isn't quite good enough for Zamani.

Cajoling, coaxing and coercing Abed and Agnes into revealing their sometimes tender, often brutal life stories, Zamani aims to steep himself in borrowed family history, so that he can fully inherit and inhabit its uncertain future.

Paperback 384 pages

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