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Book: Human Rights - Illusory Freedom in English

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Title: Human Rights - Illusory Freedom

ISBN,EAN: 9781785356872

Author: Gittos, Luke

Publisher: Zero Books, 2019

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Publisher text


Why we should repeal the Human Rights Act

A progressive argument for repealing the Human Rights Act. Contrary to contemporary panic around human rights repeal, Human Rights - Illusory Freedom puts a progressive case against the Human Rights Act. It describes how human rights arose as a new language for western governments following the collapse in their collective authority in the aftermath of World War 2 and shows how the UK Human Rights Act has presided over a catastrophic loss of freedom, which continued a process which began with the Tory party in the 1970s.

Human Rights - Illusory Freedom makes a positive case for restoring control over our traditional freedoms to the electorate and away from unaccountable Judges in the UK Courts and the European Court of Human Rights.

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