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Book: The New Right in English

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Title: The New Right

ISBN,EAN: 9781250154668

Author: Malice, Michael

Publisher: St Martin's Press, 2019

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In 2016, a diverse faction of conservatives, united by fierce nationalism, populism, and an acute distaste for progressivism, rallied behind a crass New York real estate mogul who had never held elected office. Thanks to the outspoken support and technical savvy of this New Right, Donald Trump bested 14 career politicians in the GOP primaries, overcame one of the most influential political machines in US history, and won the Presidency. Now in newsrooms and at dinner tables across the country, millions are asking: Who are these people, where did they come from, and what do they believe?The New Right did not emerge overnight; this movement has been quietly gathering momentum for decades.

Now it has burst into the mainstream, arousing fears of a fascist takeover. In The New Right, author Michael Malice tells the story of this movement, unveiling its prime movers and providing an unbiased view of its ideological roots, political ideas, and ambitions for the future. This book is required reading for any American interested in the future of the Republican Party and American politics.

Hardback 320 pages

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