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DVD: Caligula Imperial Edition in English

Image - Caligula Imperial Edition
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Title: Caligula Imperial Edition

ISBN,EAN: 5027035004297

Author: DVD

Publisher: Arrow Films, 2008

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Publisher text

Tinto Brass`s infamous soft-porn Roman epic stars Malcolm McDowell as the deranged titular Emperor, and provides an unexpected entry on the CVs of a number of well-respected actors. Author Gore Vidal provides the (uncredited) screenplay, which envisages first century Rome, under the rule of Tiberius (Peter O`Toole) and Caligula (McDowell), as a hotbed of sin and depravity. The film remained in limbo for two years as Brass wrangled over the right to a final cut. Three separate versions of the film are featured here: the UK theatrical release, the full uncut version (available for the first time), and the alternative cut, which substitutes the more graphically explicit scenes with alternative takes.

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