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Book: Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Omnibus 1 in English

Image - Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Omnibus 1
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Number of ranks: 131

Title: Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Omnibus 1

ISBN,EAN: 9780575096479

Author: Harris, Charlaine

Publisher: Gollancz, 2010

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Publisher text

Knihovníčka Aurora Teagarden rada číta príbehy o mysterióznych vrahoch. V jednej chvíli sa sama stane vyšetrovateľom takej vraždy v zaspatom južanskej mestečku. V knihe sú 4 romány: Real Murders, A Bone to Pick, Three Bedrooms One Corpse a The Julius House

THE AURORA TEAGARDEN MYSTERIES: An omnibus edition of Roe Teagarden`s adventures! Aurora Teagarden loves reading about famous murderers - until she finds herself investigating a real-life killing spree! The first four novels in the Aurora Teagarden mysteries series. Lawrenceton, Georgia, may be a growing suburb of Atlanta, but it`s still a small town at heart. Librarian Aurora Teagarden - Roe - grew up there, and she reckons she knows everything about her fellow townsfolk, including which ones share her interest in the darker side of human nature.

This is omnibus edition contains four novels: Real Murders (book 1); A Bone to Pick (book 2); Three Bedrooms, One Corpse (book 3 ); The Julius House (book 4)

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