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DVD: Crow Road DVD in English

Image - Crow Road DVD
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Title: Crow Road DVD

ISBN,EAN: 5051561027611

Author: DVD

Publisher: 2 Entertain, 2008

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Publisher text

Bill Paterson a Peter Capaldi hrajú v tejto BBC adaptácii novely Iaina Banksa.

Sedem rokov po tom, čo Rory McHoan zmizol bez stopy na ceste ku svojmu bratovi Kennethovi, sa Roryho synovec Prentice rozhodne zistiť čo sa s ním vlastne stalo. Pokúša sa rozšifrovať Roryho nedostupné počítačové disky, ale najprv musí učiniť dôležité zistenia o sebe samom a svojej rodine...

Bill Paterson and Peter Capaldi star in this BBC adaptation of the Iain Banks novel. Seven years after Rory McHoan disappeared without a trace en route to visit his brother Kenneth, Rory's nephew Prentice decides to find out what really happened to him. He attempts to decipher Rory's inaccessible computer disks, but must make various discoveries about himself and his family first.

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