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Book: Anatomy for Diagnostic Imaging in English

Image - Anatomy for Diagnostic Imaging
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Title: Anatomy for Diagnostic Imaging

ISBN,EAN: 9780702029714

Author: Eustace, Stephen John

Publisher: Saunders, 2010

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Publisher text

V tejto knihe nájdete normálnu anatómiu ľudského tela. Každá časť tela je rozdelená na anatomický popis danej časti, ktorý je nasledovaný obrázkami zhotovenými vhodnou metódou pre danú časť tela, či už RTG, CT, MRI ...

Tretia edícia

Other books in series :
Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy, Package, 16th ed., English/Latin, 16th Edition

This book covers the normal anatomy of the human body as seen in the entire gamut of medical imaging. It does so by an initial traditional anatomical description of each organ or system followed by the radiological anatomy of that part of the body using all the relevant imaging modalities. The third edition addresses the anatomy of new imaging techniques including three-dimensional CT, cardiac CT, and CT and MR angiography as well as the anatomy of therapeutic interventional radiological techniques guided by fluoroscopy, ultrasound, CT and MR.

The text has been completely revised and over 140 new images, including some in colour, have been added. A series of 'imaging pearls' have been included with most sections to emphasise clinically and radiologically important points. The book is primarily aimed at those training in radiology and preparing for the FRCR examinations, but will be of use to all radiologists and radiographers both in training and in practice, and to medical students, physicians and surgeons and all who use imaging as a vital part of patient care.

The third edition brings the basics of radiological anatomy to a new generation of radiologists in an ever-changing world of imaging.

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