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DVD: Con Air DVD in English

Image - Con Air DVD
Rank: 4
Number of ranks: 185

Title: Con Air DVD

ISBN,EAN: 5017188883184

Author: West, Simon

Publisher: Touchstone Home Video, 1997

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Publisher text

Nothing makes good-guy non-recidivist offender Cameron Poe happier than the thought of returning to society, where his angelic wife and the equally angelic little girl he`s never known are waiting. And nothing makes him angrier than the passel of psychopathic murderers and rapists aboard his prison transport plane--especially when, under the direction of ringleader Cyrus The Virus Grissom, they revolt and hijack their own plane. Fortunately, our hero`s been trained by the Army as an elite one-man-fighting-machine, and a dogged Justice Department agent waits on the ground to help him bring the fanatical fly-boys in for a bloody crash landing--in Vegas! A hyperactive Molotov cocktail blended from the frenetic efforts of high-octane action producer Jerry Bruckheimer (The Rock), hipster-schtick screenwriting specialist Scott Rosenberg, and music video director West.

Academy Award Nominations: 2, including Best Original Song (How Do I Live), and Best Sound.

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