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Kniha: Public Procurement in the EU: A Practitioner`s Guide, 2/E v anglickom jazyku

Obrázok - Public Procurement in the EU: A Practitioner`s Guide, 2/E
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Názov: Public Procurement in the EU: A Practitioner`s Guide, 2/E

ISBN: 9780199286911

Autor: Trepte, Peter

Vydavateľ: Oxford University Press, 2007

Dostupnosť: 2-3 týždne

Cena pre Vás: 150.08

Text vydavateľa

This is a commentary on the two January 2006 EC Directives on public procurement, together with practical guidance upon their application and implementation in national law. The author offers a clear and precise explanation of the meaning and significance of the rules and identifies and discusses the problem areas in understandable terms. This second edition covers all procurement rules relating to the institutions of the EC itself--such as rules relating to procurement by the EC Commission or European Development Fund. The author is a well-known expert in this field, bringing to bear experience both in private practice and as an adviser to governments and public bodies to provide an essential reference guide for all who operate in this field.
The book is based on the provisions of the Directives themselves and, as such, sets out the minimum requirements that must be followed by each member state in the process of transposition. While it considers the EU objectives of procurement regulation and the interpretations provided by the European Court, its primary purpose is to explain the effects of the EC rules in the context of real world procurement practices and procedures. The book takes into account the latest amendments brought about by the EC Directives of 2004, including: the consolidation of the Directives to introduce a more sequenced logic; the significant improvements and amendments brought about by both Directives: the introduction of new procedures; the introduction of electronic procurement (including specific provisions relating to dynamic purchasing systems and electronic auctions); the permissibility of the application of social and environmental policies and the applicable conditions as well as the amendments to the utilities sector directive in respect of its scope (coverage of telecommunications removed and postal services added); the new general escape mechanisms for competitive markets; and the significant changes to the affiliated undertakings. The book also covers the other EC procurement rules which apply to funded contracts and contracts benefiting third countries.

Deals with issues of interpretation and practical application, demonstrating how the new legislation affects procurement in "the real world"
Time-saving overview of the minimum rights accorded to tenderers in each member state: no need to be an expert in the equivalent legal provisions
Includes all procurement rules governed by EC legislation, going beyond the Directives
Refers to European case law, setting out how the rules have been interpreted to ensure consistency throughout the EU
Includes a transposition table of national laws and legislation which enables readers to identify applicable laws and procedures
Fully updated and expanded new edition written by a specialist in the field

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