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DVD: Sharpe: The Legend (Classic Collection) v anglickom jazyku

Obrázok - Sharpe: The Legend  (Classic Collection)
Hodnotenie: 4
Počet hodnotení: 230

Názov: Sharpe: The Legend (Classic Collection)

ISBN: 5037115293336

Autor: DVD Collections

Vydavateľ: ITV DVD, 2008

Dostupnosť: 1 kus na sklade

Katalógová cena: 44.20
Cena pre Vás: 22.10

Text vydavateľa

Sean Bean stars as the maverick British rifleman Richard Sharpe in these feature-length television movies set during the Napoleonic Wars. In `Sharpe`s Rifles` Sharpe is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and sent in search of a missing banker. `Sharpe`s Eagle` has Sharpe attempt to boost morale by capturing a French imperial standard. `Sharpe`s Company` sees our hero getting in touch with his paternal instincts when he discovers that he has a baby daughter. `Sharpe`s Enemy` finds Sharpe attempting to rescue some kidnapped ladies from the loathsome clutches of his old enemy Obadiah Hakeswill. In `Sharpe`s Honour` the brave soldier finds himself ensnared in a tricky situation when he is sentenced to death for the murder of a French nobleman. `Sharpe`s Gold` has Sharpe pit his wits against El Casco, a partisan leader who holds some deserters hostage. `Sharpe`s Battle` finds Sharpe and his loyal band of men helping Lord Keily prepare the ceremonial Royal Irish Company for their first encounter with the enemy. `Sharpe`s Sword` sees a badly-wounded Sharpe nursed back to health by a beautiful girl, who has been struck mute after the brutal slaying of her companions. In `Sharpe`s Regiment` a recruiting mission turns dangerous when Sharpe discovers evidence of sleaze and corruption at the highest levels of the army and becomes the target of an assassination attempt. `Sharpe`s Siege` has our hero marry his sweetheart Jane and then depart immediately for a daring mission in the Pyrenees. `Sharpe`s Mission` finds Jane warming to the attentions of another admirer while Sharpe is away on another long mission. `Sharpe`s Revenge` sees the good soldier struggling to clear his name when he is accused of stealing Napoleon`s priceless treasures. In `Sharpe`s Justice` Sharpe returns to England, takes over the running of a militia group in the North of England, and finds himself caught between the people whose cause he relates to, and the corrupt gentry who he is being paid to defend. Finally, `Sharpe`s Waterloo` has our hero curtail his retirement and rejoin the British army ready for the Battle of Waterloo.

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