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Kniha: The Book of Snakes v anglickom jazyku

Obrázok - The Book of Snakes
Hodnotenie: 4
Počet hodnotení: 95

Názov: The Book of Snakes

ISBN: 9781782405597

Autor: Mark O'Shea

Vydavateľ: The Ivy Press, 2018

Dostupnosť: 2-3 týždne

Katalógová cena: 58.67
Cena pre Vás: 54.56


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A life-size guide to six hundred species from around the world


There are over 3,700 species of snake found on every continent except for Antarctica, ranging in size from Barbados' tiny threadsnake to Southeast Asia's massive reticulated python. More than any other creature snakes are surrounded by dark, compelling myths and legend, unsurprising since many constrict their prey to death, or kill with a venomous bite, using a diverse armory of venoms that affect the blood, tissues, organs, and respiration. However, it is especially true of snakes that the closer you observe them, the more exquisite they are in their intricate geometry of pattern, the fine texture of the overlapping scales, and the intricacies of their multifarious lifestyles.

The Book of Snakes profiles 600 significant species from all 32 families-one in six of all known species-to create a beautiful collector's piece that is both a significant resource for enthusiasts and scholars, and the most visually stimulating guide on the market.

Hardback 656 pages, Full colour throughout

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