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Kniha: Foundational Economy v anglickom jazyku

Obrázok - Foundational Economy
Hodnotenie: 4
Počet hodnotení: 11

Názov: Foundational Economy

ISBN: 9781526134004

Autor: The Foundational Economy Collective

Vydavateľ: Manchester University Press, 2018

Dostupnosť: 2-3 týždne

Cena pre Vás: 15.55


Text vydavateľa


The Infrastructure of Everyday Life

Privatisation, market choice, outsourcing: these are the watchwords that have shaped policy in numerous democratic states in the last generation. The end result is the degradation of the foundational economy. The foundational economy encompasses the material infrastructure at the foundation of civilised life - things like water pipes and sewers - and the providential services like education, health care and care for the old which are at the base of any civilised life.

This book shows how these services were built up in the century between 1880 and 1980 so that they were collectively paid for, collectively delivered and collectively consumed. This system of provision has been undermined in the age of privatisation and outsourcing. The book describes the principles that should guide renewal of the foundational economy and the initiatives which could begin to put these principles into practice.

  • 208 strán

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