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Kniha: Metamorphosis of Plants v anglickom jazyku

Obrázok - Metamorphosis of Plants
Hodnotenie: 4
Počet hodnotení: 124

Názov: Metamorphosis of Plants

ISBN: 9780262013093

Autor: Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von

Vydavateľ: MIT Books, 2009

Dostupnosť: 2-3 týždne

Katalógová cena: 21.93
Cena pre Vás: 19.68

Text vydavateľa

Goethe`s influential text, newly illustrated with stunning color photographs.
The Metamorphosis of Plants, originally published in 1790, was Goethe`s first major attempt to describe what he called in a letter to a friend "the truth about the how of the organism." Inspired by the diversity of flora he found on a journey to Italy, Goethe sought a unity of form in diverse structures. He came to see in the leaf the germ of a plant`s metamorphosis--"the true Proteus who can hide or reveal himself in all vegetal forms"--from the root and stem leaves to the calyx and corolla, to pistil and stamens. With this short book--123 numbered paragraphs, in the manner of the great botanist Linnaeus--Goethe aimed to tell the story of botanical forms in process, to present, in effect, a motion picture of the metamorphosis of plants. This MIT Press edition of The Metamorphosis of Plants illustrates Goethe`s text (in an English translation by Douglas Miller) with a series of stunning and starkly beautiful color photographs as well as numerous line drawings. It is the most completely and colorfully illustrated edition of Goethe`s book ever published.It demonstrates vividly Goethe`s ideas of transformation and interdependence, as well as the systematic use of imagination in scientific research--which influenced thinkers ranging from Darwin to Thoreau and has much to teach us today about our relationship with nature.

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