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Book: Not Doing in English

Image - Not Doing
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Title: Not Doing

ISBN,EAN: 9781911498490

Author: Steven DSouza⁄Diana Renner

Publisher: LID, 2018

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Publisher text


The Art of Turning Struggle into Ease

So many people today are struggling with the increasing pace of change and the constant and excessive busyness that comes with it. Many feel stretched, overwhelmed and exhausted, besieged by the demands of complex projects and workplaces. They are engaged in a kind of "doing" that is more effort and struggle, rather than a "doing" that comes from a place of presence, openness and aliveness.

This is not only ineffective and unsustainable, but ultimately ends in stress, anxiety and burnout. This book, by the authors of the award-winning Not Knowing (Best Management Book of the Year), explores the limits and dangers of "doing"; how do they play out in our lives and workplaces; what is driving, or contributing, to our excessive activity; and what would a different kind of "doing" look like, that is less about control and struggle and more about well-being, harmony and creativity.

  • 224 strany
  • 142 x 216 x 24 mm

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