Halvonik, A: In Search of Homo Sapiens


Editeds: Pavol Janik, Alexander Halvonik  

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Editeds: Pavol Janik, Alexander Halvonik  

Translators: Lucy Bednar, Heather Trebaticka

In Search of Homo Sapiens represents the crystallization of the thinking and writing of the Slovak intelligentsia. For the first time the English-speaking world will see the output of some of the most prominent Slovak thinkers and writers, their reflections on contemporary life, world politics, personal lifestyles, and social ideologies. A welcome contribution to current literature, social commentary, and philosophy of life.

The Slovak Writers\' Society, whose traditions reach back to 1923 and which brings together outstanding figures in the world of Slovak literature, has made the maximum effort to enable the Slovak Republic to speak to the world through works representative of its contemporary literature.

  • Vydavateľstvo: Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
  • Formát: Paperback
  • Jazyk:
  • ISBN: 9780865165328

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