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I Don't Want to Age! - A Guide for the Starseeds

Autor: The Abbotts


A Guide for the Starseeds

By The Abbotts

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A Guide for the Starseeds

By The Abbotts

Everyone would like to be youthful, healthy and beautiful and this is the subject that paranormal experts, The Abbotts have chosen for their latest book aimed at Generations X, Y and Z, commonly known, as the Starseeds.

With explanations of why these young men and women have a fear of ageing and the future and simple but effective exercises to keep wrinkles, body fat and middle-aged minds at bay, you will find this book informative and life changing, no matter what age you are!

With channelled messages from higher beings and real life anecdotes, you will make the most of your life on Earth, at this time and look forward to a fabulous future!

Illustrated and in 14 pt for easy reading.

A Beacon of Light Book.

  • Vydavateľstvo: Lulu.com
  • Rok vydania: 2016
  • Formát: Paperback
  • Rozmer: 229 x 152 mm
  • Jazyk: Anglický jazyk
  • ISBN: 9781365141775

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