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Obrázok - Brain Food
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Názov: Brain Food

ISBN: 9780241381779

Autor: Mosconi, Lisa Dr.

Vydavateľ: Penguin, 2019

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Katalógová cena: 14.22
Cena pre Vás: 10.67

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How to Eat Smart and Sharpen Your Mind

'I cannot recommend this book enough' Dr Rupy Aujla'Your diet affects your body but it also affects your brain. Brain Food uses cutting-edge research to highlight the connection between nutrition and our brain's health, busting through pseudoscience and demonstrating how we can all change our diet most effectively. Based partly on her own discoveries, and using emerging science, for example on the connection between the brain and the gut, Dr Lisa Mosconi, an expert in both neuroscience and nutrition, reveals the foods and drinks that can prevent dementia, stress, cognitive decline and memory loss - no matter how old we are.

Innovative and timely, and with accompanying brain-boosting recipes and lists of what to eat and what to avoid, Brain Food provides the ultimate plan for maximizing our brain power. Reveals the foods that will keep your brain in tip-top shape AND prevent dementia'Daily Mail'A critically important book. If you want to keep and save your brain you have to get your food right.

Brain Food will help you do just that in a delicious, easy way'Daniel G. Amen, author of Memory Rescue

Paperback 368 pages

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