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Facts: Back and Neck Pain




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Back pain is a massive problem worldwide

New guidelines from the USA and UK have revolutionised the treatment options

This is the first book to recognise these new guidelines, and explain what they mean for the sufferer

Provides clear, practical advice on acute and chronic back and neck pain

Emphasises the importance of the sufferer `taking control` of their problem

Recent years have seen a virtual revolution occur in the treatment and management of back pain - a massive problem for so many people world-wide, and one that costs staggering amounts of money in terms of days lost from work and health care treatment. In the USA, The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research published guidelines advocating major new changes in the way back pain was treated. In the UK, The Clinical Standards Advisory Group and the Royal College of Physicians published further guidelines, advocating important new changes of considerable significance to sufferers. Now for the first time, in Back and neck pain: The Facts , these guidelines have been translated for sufferers of back and neck pain. Providing user-friendly and clear advise, this book shows you how to take control of your problem, find relief from your pain, and ensure that you are armed with the facts you need to know about all the possible treatments. Loic Burn is the Medical Advisor to the National Back Pain Association , and a well regarded authority on the subject. He is the author and advisor on several books, and has appeared on national TV and Radio.

Readership: All sufferers from back pain and/or neck pain, their families and friends. GPs and those involved in seeing people who suffer from these problems.

  • Vydavateľstvo: Oxford University Press
  • Rok vydania: 1999
  • Jazyk: Anglický jazyk
  • ISBN: 0192630776

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